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Attorney Representation for Prisoners Reviewed by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

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"The use of the Internet for communications with the firm will not establish an attorney-client relationship and messages containing time-sensitive or confidential information should not be sent."

I encourage all persons interested in my services to first call my office at 1-888-707-2765. I will be happy to take your call if I am in town. This work requires me to travel to the Parole Board Offices and the prison units around the state. If I am not available you can speak with my well trained staff of certified paralegals with extensive law office experience. We all will do our best to serve you and answer all of your questions. I charge a total fee of $2,400.00 for any parole case in Texas. I do not do federal cases, parole revocations, Murder cases, Injury to a Child, cases where the client is a confirmed member of a security threat group (gang) or Sexual cases (Aggravated Sexual Assault, Indecency with a Child, Sexual Assault, ect.). For these cases I recommend you click on my "Free Parole Advice" at this Web site.

To hire my office I require $400.00 payable by check (from anywhere in the USA) or money order made out to:

Paul A. Hampel
1202 Hallmark #201
San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 375-7526
1-888-707-2765 Toll Free
1-888-70-PAROLE Toll Free

Please include enclosed with the payment your name, address and phone number as well as the client's name, TDCJ # (the six or seven digit number written on all of their correspondence) and their unit where they are located. Upon receipt you will receive an acknowledgement of payment letter and I will immediately begin requesting the client's documents and the client will be placed on my visiting list. Most clients are seen within three weeks from the time they enter my office. Clients at remote units are generally seen within a month of the time they come in my office regardless of where they are located in the prison system. Thank you for considering my office and I welcome your calls regarding my business, your case, or any topic in this web site.

In an effort to provide as much access as possible to my clients I encourage my clients and their families to call or write my office or E-mail me at: [email protected]

I encourage all families of clients to call my office anytime for information or updates on their case. I encourage all prospective clients to call or visit my office for free consultation regarding my ability to assist them with their case. If they have the charge, length of sentence, amount of flat time completed, number of trips to prison, and general overview of the disciplinary record (line status, gang status and recent major cases) I will be able to tell them whether I will be able to represent their loved one for parole. In this way, they will be charged no fees for the phone call and consultation and will receive immediate action.

Thank you,
Paul A. Hampel

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