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Refund Policies in Parole Representation Cases



My office cannot and does not guarantee any result to any client. Results are determined by parole commissioners and cannot be guaranteed by any lawyers. Therefore I can only do the work I am hired to do. I cannot and I do not guarantee parole or release.

In all parole cases my fees are broken down into three parts. There is an interview fee, a written presentation fee and an oral presentation fee charged in each case. The $400 unit interview fee covers my in person face to face interview with the client on the unit. If an interview on the unit is not conducted with my client for any reason then the client is entitled to a refund at his or her request.

All cases receive a written argument which includes all supporting documents received and an interview request to speak with the lead voting member of the Parole Board on the case. Of the total fee $1,000 is charged for the written argument.

For the oral parole presentations I present each client's case when they are up for parole review. I seek the highest level of contact that the parole board member will allow me. The actual level of contact in every presentation is in the control of the individual board member. And I will accept and perform to the best of my abilities within the circumstances of the presentation determined by the lead voter in each case. Of the total fee $1,000 is charged for the oral presentation.

If for any reason any part of the parole representation is not performed as described and in a timely manner the client is entitled to a refund for that portion not performed at their request and the refund will be sent to the person at the address the client designates.

Anytime a client is dissatisfied or seeks a refund I ask that the client (not support or family) should make their request in writing and I will respond as soon as possible. Support and family are always welcome to call, but under the law the client must make final decisions. In the case of requests for refunds to the inmate's trust fund I ask the client allow additional time to take into consideration any holds that TDCJ may place on incoming inmate trust funds. My goal is to provide all refunds within a month of their written request.

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