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Attorney Representation for Prisoners Reviewed by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

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Installment Payments for My Legal Services


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My office has always and continues to accept installment payments for my services. I do not require a fixed fee schedule (mandatory amounts per month). I feel the only requirement should be that I am paid in full before it is time to present the case. I will withdrawal from a case if I have not been paid in full by the time the Board is ready for my presentation. In the case of a withdrawal the client is entitled to all fees not earned. However, clients are free to hire me well in advance and spread their payments out as much as they like. Also, it is not uncommon for families to divide my fees among several family members. For example, several family members might each pay a few hundred dollars over the course of a few months and thus cover the full fee. In addition, clients can skip a week or a month as long as the total fee is paid in full before the case is reviewed by the Board. All of these methods are welcomed by my office as a means of making my fees affordable.

I feel it is important for me to focus on being the best attorney I can be for my clients. Spending my time on collection letters and pushing clients to pay fees can be both distracting and disrespectful to my clients and their support. In stead I send out very few collection letters and only when the time is urgent. In addition, you can assume that no work is stopped for non-payment prior to the presentation of a case. The only way I stop work on a case is if the client fails to pay and the Board is ready for my presentation.

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