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Unit Interview Advice For Your Loved One



The following is some basic advice I recommend to offenders regarding their on unit interview with Parole Personnel:

When you visit with Parole provide honest and accurate answers to his questions. Emphasize your commitment to your rehabilitation and your ability to live a fulfilling life consistent with any restrictions that the Board may require. Do not complain about prison conditions or provide excuses for prior crimes. It is better to be remorseful about prior mistakes and focused on your future as a law abiding parolee. Do not say that you will not return to prison because prison is a tough place or that it has been hard to be away from friends or family. Consider focusing on your work skills and the things that you have been taught in your classes in stead. Your institutional adjustment results from the life skills and work skills you learn more than the punishment you have experienced in prison.

When discussing your family and friends emphasize their stability and examples of their support and good character. How often do they visit? What community activities do they participate in? Are they involved in place of worship, community or volunteer projects? Are they educated? Where do they work and for how long have they been working there? How long have they lived at their current parole address? How long have they been married?


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